It's 2017 & your clients think
Your reporting sucks.
Does Yours?

Too many PPC & SEO reporting tools are still being built for AGENCIES, not CUSTOMERS.

You know it. We know it. So what's the answer?

Think about it: how much money do you spend every month on digital marketing software that your clients don't use that you don't use either?

How many times have you used 'reporting software' to generate an 'automated report' only to add comprehensive 'notes' along a follow up call to explain what everything means? Is this really saving you time?

Think about it: what do your customer actually care about? Bounce rates? Negative keywords? Impression share?

Of course not.

Show Your Customer What Matters Most.

Spare them all that other stuff. It's your job to understand all the geek speak, right?

Reporting Focused on Leads:

Show your customers what they care about most. Bring in call data, and easily break down 'conversions' from Google Analytics into meaningful leads and goals. Supports popular call & PPC platforms like Google Adwords & Callrail with more added weekly.

Mini CRM Means Retention.

Aggregate all leads in one place. Allow your customers to manage leads from their client dashboard via contact forms, phone calls, & other sources you define. You can even allow clients to add their own leads! Get your customers 'sticky' by offering them CRM functionality!

Big Brand & Look Feel

Let's face it: We know that the small agencies always do the better work with a personalized touch. Now hit the 'big' guys where it hurts by providing hi-tech features and value-adds that will have your customers raving about you!

agencies love us

And you will too. Check out what they have to say:

Dave Forster

President, flexLOCAL™ Online Marketing

"SuperDASH has allowed us to compete with national agencies by offering 'consultancy' service with box-store features. Our retention has never been better!"

Michael Climer

Relevant Response

"SuperDASH easily saves me up to 25% of my reporting time every month, and keeps my clients up to date with the things that matter to them - new leads"

Lemuel Joveillar

Google Adwords Contractor

"Coming from the e-commerce world with hard ROI tracking, SuperDASH is the missing link for businesses who conduct transactions offline. Long overdue!"

Integrates With All Your Favorites.

Plus more added every week. Need something special? Ya, we can hook that up. Just ask nicely :)


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